Solar Services

Paradise Solar & Electrical, LLC is looking ahead to provide customers with service on their solar electric system. Most systems will require minimal maintenance but please be aware that product does fail. As time moves on solar companies will come and go and we want to provide customers with educated options to repair, replace or redesign their existing system. Paradise provides knowledgeable individuals with a diverse background of solar product.


Paradise Solar & Electrical, LLC provides an up-front approach to our customers. Paradise Solar & Electrical, LLC provides its customers with knowledge that only certified and licensed individuals can provide. We inform our customers not sell! We are dedicated to informing our customers from every aspect of their investment. From step one we will explain the design of the system, installation and performance. We cannot stress enough the importance of our customers having a full understanding of their renewable energy investment.


Paradise Solar & Electrical, LLC prides itself on our installations. Our installers are certified and licensed installers. Paradise installers attend training provided by the manufacturers: racking, solar panels and inverters. Our goal is to make sure our installers are up to date on all installation aspects. Paradise Solar & Electrical, LLC provides residential and commercial installations. We are equipped to design and install any type of project. Ground mount: fixed or single axis, roof mount pitched or flat. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a “top shelf” installation.